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The Retreat on Celebrity Cruise Line

Updated: May 17

The moment you step onboard, The Retreat greets you with a sense of exclusivity that sets the tone for an unforgettable journey.

Tucked away in a private sanctuary on the ship, The Retreat boasts a collection of luxurious suites that redefine what it means to cruise in style.

Experience the pinnacle of sophistication and tranquility as you revel in spacious accommodations, complete with sumptuous furnishings and breathtaking ocean views.

spa guest being served a glass of water

One of the most distinguishing features of The Retreat is the personalized service offered to its esteemed guests.

A dedicated team of butlers and concierge staff are at your disposal, catering to your every desire.

Whether it's arranging private shore excursions, securing the best seats for shows, or curating a personalized dining experience, the attentive staff is committed to fulfilling your wishes, ensuring a seamless and delightful journey throughout your cruise.

Indulgence takes center stage at The Retreat, and this extends to the dining experience as well.

Celebrity cruise retreat restaurant Luminae

Exclusive access to Luminae, a private restaurant reserved solely for Retreat guests, awaits you.

Savor the finest flavors artfully prepared by world-class chefs, as they create culinary masterpieces that cater to even the most discerning palates.

With a focus on fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, Luminae delivers a gastronomic journey that lingers in your memory long after you've left the ship.

Celebrity cruise retreat lounge ge

After a day of exploration and adventure in the fascinating ports of call, retreat to The Retreat Lounge - a serene haven where you can unwind with like-minded travelers.

The lounge offers a refined atmosphere, perfect for engaging conversations or quiet introspection.

Relax with a book from the extensive library, savor delightful afternoon tea, or simply bask in the company of newfound friends.

Celebrity cruise retreat sundeck

Escape the hustle and bustle of the ship to find your sanctuary at The Retreat Sundeck.

Here, you can soak up the sun in a private cabana or relax in any of the comfortable seating areas.

This exclusive outdoor oasis provides the perfect setting to bask in relaxation and soak in the awe-inspiring beauty of the open sea.

While The Retreat offers a haven of serenity, it does not mean you're far from all the excitement onboard.

As a Retreat guest, you enjoy access to a myriad of world-class entertainment options throughout the ship.

From Broadway-style shows to live performances, Celebrity Cruise Line ensures there's never a dull moment during your voyage.

As a Retreat guest, you're not just onboard; you're part of an elite community that enjoys privileged access to exclusive events and experiences.

The Retreat on Celebrity Cruise Line is an exclusive haven that beckons those seeking a luxurious and personalized experience at sea.

So, step aboard and embark on a journey that will redefine your perception of cruising and leave you yearning for more.

Set sail with The Retreat, where dreams become reality, and memories are etched in gold.

Bon Voyage



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