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4 Reasons to Consider an Annual Travel Insurance Policy

Did you know that some travel insurance companies offer an annual policy? 

An annual policy can be a valuable investment, offering peace of mind and financial protection.

Here are 4 reasons why purchasing an annual travel insurance policy can be a wise decision. 

4 different vacation destinations

One Plan, Multiple Vacation types

Trying to tailor your insurance coverage for each specific vacation can be stressful. 

An annual policy can cover your trips for a full year no matter where you travel or for longer stays. 

NOTE: Verify with the policy how long your stay can be before coverage ends. 

sign with multiple destinations and countries

Traveling 3 or more times per year

The cost of travel protection for each trip adds up when you travel multiple times per year. 

Get a quote for an annual policy and see if you can get more value for your money.

couple quickly trying to pack suitcases

Last Minute travelers

Do you like to take advantage of last minute travel opportunities?

Having an annual policy already in place can ensure protection no matter when you book your next exciting journey!

older couple looking at a map

Older Travelers

As travelers age, single-trip policies tend to get more expensive.

Annual policies don't always have age-related price increases, so older travelers may find better value with an annual policy.


One word of caution for an annual insurance plan, make sure it provides primary coverage. 

Reviewing the terms and conditions for any insurance policy is always recommended.


Storyline Travel recommends travel protection on your travels. 

By looking into an annual policy, you could find one affordable plan that protects an entire year of trips.

Bon Voyage



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