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Why cruise the same river twice?

Updated: May 17

Ama Waterways hosted a webinar discussing some advantages of returning to the same river to enjoy a scenic river cruise. 

Here are some great thoughts on why you might want to repeat your river journey and create a whole new set of memories and experiences!

Multiple Excursions

Ama Waterways offers a diverse menu of excursions that are included as part of your cruise fare.  

From city tours to hiking to culinary adventures, your port stop becomes a delightful personalized experience! 

In many destinations, guests are offered a choice from several included tours.  

If you are enjoying a repeat river cruise, you can choose a different tour or excursion to explore a new part of the city. 

Additionally, you can learn about a different aspect of the beautiful cultures and connect with local residents.

Storyline Travel by the AmaSerena from Ama Waterways

Get to know the fleet 

While they may be very similar, each ship offers different décor and crew which makes the same cruise feel different!  

Ama Waterways offers some amazing ship features like the signature twin-balcony staterooms.  

Dine in elegance at the Chef’s table, an exquisite experience of local cuisine that each guest enjoys during their cruise.  

An on-board salon and spa provides pampering and relaxation for a nominal fee. 

Explore the innovative AmaMagna!  This ship is the first river cruise ship to offer a full-size pickleball court!

Meet new friends around the world

River cruises are small intimate journeys along scenic rivers.  

This atmosphere means you have a wonderful opportunity to meet interesting travelers from all around the world.  

We met some really interesting people from England, New Zealand and Australia on our last river cruise.  

It was also fun to meet up with fellow Americans who lived in familiar areas near us!  

When you re-visit the same river, you have the chance to meet a whole new cruise ship full of new friends!

European Christmas Market

Different Seasons, Different Experiences

Seasonal weather and activities can turn a familiar location into a breathtaking new experience!  

Tulip season transforms the cities of Holland into stunning gardens full of color.  

Christmas time brings old-fashioned nostalgia with the vintage Christmas Markets as well as Christmas decorations, local foods and unique crafts.  

The twinkling lights create a magical experience you won’t find any other time of the year.

Storyline Travel is headed to the Rhine river this July to enjoy a 7-night river cruise on the beautiful AmaLucia!  

You can be sure we will be putting together some videos and articles that will highlight this amazing cruise and our exciting port stops in the weeks to follow.     

Bon Voyage


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