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Alaska Cruise Tours: The Best of Both Worlds

Updated: May 16

An Alaska Cruise tour combines both cruise and land adventures into one amazing vacation.

Alaska cruises are a wonderful way to explore and experience several different towns and adventures but there are some parts of Alaska you cannot reach from a cruise port while cruising.

Adding a land tour to your cruise allows you to include more inland sites and experiences.

The number of days you add to your land tour can vary depending on what experiences you would like to include.

fairbanks alaska

Fairbanks is a great start to the land tour.

North of Denali, this quaint Alaska town offers a fun excursion on Riverboat Discovery. Enjoy narrated sights as you sail along the river.

Watch a sea plane take off from the water and then watch the pilot skillfully land the plane right next to your riverboat.

Stop along the banks and enjoy a sled dog demonstration (and a glimpse of the puppies!), then step off the boat and see an Athabascan Village and hear all about the way of life for this native culture.

From Fairbanks, head south on a motorcoach to Denali.

mount Denali alaska

Consisting of over 4 million acres, Denali National Park is a mix of forest, tundra, glaciers, snow, and bare rock.

One of the amazing sights to see is Denali, the highest mountain in North America.

The tour will take you to Denali Park village.

Here you can board a bus for a tour into the heart of Denali National Park.

You may see the big 5!

Bears, moose, wolves, caribou and Dall sheep.

Other activities in Denali National park include a day of guided hikes, whitewater rafting and an Alaska cabin night with a special dinner and show.

husky sled dog training

Make time to enjoy a visit to the sled dog kennel and learn all about training the huskies to be sled dogs and enjoy a fun demonstration by the Bark Rangers, where you can definitely see how much these dogs love their job!

Tours can include several days in Denali, if you want to spend plenty of time exploring the national park.

domed train in alaska

The tour will continue with a train ride down to Anchorage.

This isn't JUST a train ride.

Enjoy the views on the top deck of this glass-domed rail car with an expert who will narrate as you ride along in comfort.

Meals are included on the lower level of the tastefully appointed dining car where you can still enjoy the scenery as you dine.

Anchorage Alaska

Once you arrive in Anchorage, you can take the opportunity to explore the city and enjoy activities like fishing, kayaking and hiking.

A motorcoach or short train ride will take you to the cruise port for your cruise.

Your vacation can start with the cruise first and continue with the land tour.

Typically, the tour is in the opposite direction beginning by cruising and transitioning to the land portion.

The land tour begins in Anchorage and ends in Fairbanks.

Storyline Travel normally recommends that you experience the land tour first.

The land tour is busy and exhaustive because of all the physical activities.

You will also find that you are often packing and unpacking your bags to be moved to the next stop along the tour.

After the tour it is nice to board a cruise ship and relax as you coast your way down to Vancouver or Seattle.

The cruise tour is booked as a single vacation all coordinated by the cruise line.

While food on the cruise line is included, the land tour does not include meals, however, there are vouchers you can purchase to avoid having to pay as you tour.

Storyline Travel can help you design all aspects of your next Alaska cruise tour.

Bon Voyage



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