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Enjoy Austria on a Danube River Cruise

Updated: May 14

Embarking on a river cruise allows you to effortlessly explore not just one, but often several cities and even countries!

Forget the hassle of planning meals, transportation, or accommodations – it's all taken care of.  

Join us in this delightful journey as we share the magic of our Danube river cruise and introduce you to four enchanting Austrian cities that stole our hearts.

Our family in Vienna, Austria in November

This was not our first visit to Vienna.  

Several years ago, we visited our daughter as she was part of a study-abroad program through her college.  

She was our tour guide and we enjoyed seeing Vienna through her eyes!  

On this visit, we took part in a walking tour and visited several beautiful sights such as St. Stephen's Cathedral.

Once our tour was done, we then took a trip down memory lane and revisited some of our favorite sights. 

Vienna, Austria wiener schnitzel at Cafe Einstein

Lunch at Einsteins for authentic wiener schnitzel that was as delicious as our first visit and a stroll by the Vienna state opera house.  

There were no concerts during our river cruise as the opera is typically off for July and August.  

When we got tired of walking, we hopped on the subway with the locals and made our way back to the river cruise dock.  

vineyards of Durnstein, Austria

This small quaint village was so beautiful!  We enjoyed a slow stroll viewing the local shops and vineyards.  After our invigorating hike to the castle ruins, that is!

Love was in the air as we witnessed the hustle and bustle of wedding preparations, capturing fleeting moments of joy and laughter amid the picturesque backdrop of the Danube.

The stunning landscape as we traveled along the Wachau Valley gave us many beautiful moments to capture in photo and video.  

Filling schaumrollen at Cafe Braun

We arrived at the Emmersdorf pier to participate in a pastry class at a local bakery.  

After this indulgent treat, hosted by the talented pastry chef and owner, we visited a Bee Bar where the bee keeper gave us an informative tour and allowed us to sample a variety of local bee products. 

Our final Austrian stop was in the town of Linz.  

We signed up for a walking tour that helped us become familiar with the layout of the town and landmarks.

We saw several sights including the cathedral and the home where Mozart once stayed.

Linzer torte at Cafe Traxlmayr

Once the tour was over, we sat with some friends and enjoyed the traditional Linzer torte with coffee.  

Since our cruise would not leave the port until late, we headed out again to see more of the city and enjoy a view of Linz at night.  

We enjoyed a slow paced tour of several beautiful Austrian cities on our river cruise. River cruising is a wonderful way to soak up the local culture and enjoy exploring multiple cities or countries. We are already looking forward to our next river cruise experience!

Bon Voyage


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