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Legendary Voyages by Holland America Line

Updated: May 14

Relive the splendor of Grand Voyages.

Holland America Line's first ship, the Rotterdam, set sail from Holland to New York in 1873.

With 150 years of experience, it is no wonder that Holland America is a renowned expert in long voyages.

Carefully crafted voyages of 25-59 days that include renowned ports and include special onboard experiences have been designated Legendary Voyages.

Amazing itineraries have been released for 2025-2026 sailings.

Enjoy a glimpse of some Legendary Voyage itineraries!

28 day Glaciers and Volcanoes, Alaska to Hawaii

Explore the paradise that is the Hawaiian islands and the wilderness of Alaska on a fire and ice adventure.

This Legendary Voyage provides guests more time with overnight stays in Honolulu, HI and Anchorage, AK.

45 day ultimate Mediterranean and Atlantic passage

Step through the history of the western world on the Legendary Voyage throughout the Mediterranean.

Round trip sailing from New York City allows guests to visit Europe without the need for that long flight across the pond.

35 day voyage of the Vikings

Set sail from Boston to explore the Northern American and European seas that trace the journey of the Vikings.

Travel from Seattle to multiple pacific islands and experience the beauty of Hawaii, Fiji, Pago Pago and more.

27 day south pacific crossing Seattle to Sydney

This Legendary Voyage takes you to the Land Down Under, ending with a view of the world renown Sydney Opera House.

Storyline Travel is here to help you find the right itinerary for you so you can can enjoy a legendary voyage!

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