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What do you get when you hire Storyline Travel?

Updated: May 13

Storyline Travel LLC is a full service travel agency, working with clients to plan and manage their vacation.  

Why hire a professional travel advisor?

Spending your time researching destinations can be fun but it is also overwhelming.  

There is so much information to sift through!

Besides saving you valuable time, Storyline Travel has some key services that you won't receive from an online reservation portal.

man on cell phone

One Contact

Reaching out to someone for questions or solutions doesn't seem like a huge issue until you realize how many different calls you might have to make for one vacation.

Flight issue? Call the airline.

Room configuration questions? Call the Hotel.

Shuttle to the port? Call the cruise line.

You may often find yourself on hold until someone is available to help you and that could take hours.

When you hire Storyline Travel, we are available as your one number hotline!

When you have a question, we are available by text, email or phone call.

If your personal agent is not available, we make sure another agent is on-call.

Waiting on hold with the hotel, cruise line or other vendor is what we do for you!

Trip Plans App Storyline Travel
Free Travel Plans App provided to each client

Trip Management

Storyline Travel manages all the details of your journey!

We work hard to ensure that each step of your trip has been confirmed and booked so your travel feels seamless.

We also do our best to stay on top of important travel pitfalls.

Is your passport expiration going to affect your trip?

Is there transportation from the airport to the port?

Where do I meet the tour guide?

These are details we work to handle so your trip flows as smoothly as possible.

Storyline Travel provides a free app to keep your full itinerary in one place.

Do you have airline miles that you would prefer to use? Book your airfare and send us the details.

We will include it in the app so that all your trips plans are in one place!

Additionally, all vouchers used during travel are added electronically to your itinerary.

You always have your travel information at your fingertips.

storyline travel in san juan puerto rico
Storyline Travel in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Personal Travel Experience

We love to travel!

It gives us great joy to spend time with our family creating lifelong memories and visiting amazing destinations.

However, our personal experience doesn't stop there.

The knowledge we gain when traveling, whether good or bad, provides valuable insight that we pass along to our clients.

We can help with navigating an airport, cruise port or even the cruise ship itself - because we have been there!

We desire to create memorable experiences for you!

Each client is important to us and no matter where you want to go or what type of trip you desire, we want it to be amazing!

travel agents with storyline travel
Fellow Travel Agents and VP of Sales for SilverSea

Expert Travel Network

When you hire Storyline Travel, you not only get our personal travel expertise but you are able to tap into a vast network of seasoned agents and qualified suppliers.

The travel world is so large that no one person can experience every destination, hotel, cruise line or tour.

Storyline Travel has relationships with other travel advisors where we share our knowledge and experiences to provide the best travel expertise to our clients.

storyline travel with princess cruises
Ship tour with Business Development Manager of Princess Cruises

Our suppliers are also great partners who help us learn about their products and amenities so we can plan amazing journeys for our clients.

When our clients have specific questions, we have contacts within the company to get answers.

Travel can be exciting and stressful, all at the same time.

Storyline Travel helps relieve the stress through our planning and management services.

We love hearing about all the memorable experiences when our clients return home from a fabulous trip.

Are you ready to design your next dream journey? Schedule a planning session today!

Bon Voyage



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